A500 B/C and A1085 Structural Tubing

Structural Tubing or Hollow Structural Sections (HSS) are high-strength welded carbon steel tube used as structural members for construction applications and a variety of manufactured products. We produce round, square and rectangular shapes to meet both A500 B/C and A1085 ASTM specifications. We then go a step further to exceed your expectations for customer service and responsiveness.

Benefits of Structural Tubing/Hollow Structural Sections (HSS)

Strength: HSS has a high strength-to-weight ratio, excellent compression support characteristics and excellent torsional resistance.

Appearance: In exposed applications, especially Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel (AESS) applications in construction, HSS provides preferred visual opportunities for the design of buildings and other structures.

Uniformity: HSS provides uniformity of size, shape, strength and tolerances that make its use totally predictable, especially important for demanding OEM applications.

Ease of Fabrication: HSS can be readily bent, formed, punched and drilled. Improvements in connection design for fastening HSS to itself or other structural materials are improving the ease of fabrication in the field as well.

Cost Effectiveness: Due to its higher strength ratio, especially in A1085, HSS is cost competitive with other structural materials. With improved connection and fastening methods, it often enjoys a cost advantage. Learn more in this article from Steel Tube Institute.

Resistant/Consistent: HSS is fire resistant and does not warp, twist, split, swell or shrink. It resists dry rot and mildew.

Environmentally Friendly: HSS is made from steel, one of the world’s most recyclable and recycled materials.

A Note on A1085

The ASTM specification for HSS was released in 2013 to provide for enhanced performance when designing with HSS, increasing efficiencies for structural engineers. We are able to produce a full array of shapes, sizes and gauges for specifiers requiring the increased performance A1085 provides.

Benefits of A1085

  • Tighter material tolerances and a single minimum yield stress of 50 ksi
  • Maximum specified yield stress of 70 ksi
  • Standard requirement for Charpy V-notch toughness
  • Corner radius range specified with a lower and upper bound

Download Steel Tube Institute’s A1085 brochure for more information.