In-Line Coating

We have invested in our facilities in order to serve as a single source for both the manufacture and coating of your steel pipe and tube. Our in-line process provides coatings that are durable enough to withstand the most demanding fabrication and manufacturing requirements. Along with our automated process guided by skilled team members, our in-line coating yields consistent high-quality finished product

In-Line Coating Benefits


  • Added profit per ton in-line by eliminating additional freight and handling
  • Usually require no additional manpower costs
  • Eliminate more costly off-line secondary coating operations
  • Reduce product downgrading from storage or transit corrosion

Quality and Competition

  • Differentiate your product from your competition
  • Improve product appearance and perceived value
  • Dramatically improve products corrosion performance characteristics
  • Preserve quality and product appearance during inventory and shipment


  • Designed specifically for tube and pipe mills
  • Eliminate work-in-progress inventories and their related costs
  • No limitation on product length as product is coated prior to cutoff
  • Better utilization of factory floor space

Environmental and Safety

  • Enclosed systems ensure safe environment for operators
  • Lowest cost of environmental control and by-product management