If there is one principle that defines Searing Industries as a company, it is service. This concept is the cornerstone of our company, and for over 35 years has made us one of the leading manufacturers of welded steel tubing in the industry.

The notion of “Customer is King” is so much more than a simple slogan. It defines everything we do. Our customers come first without exception. No matter if your order is large or small, simple or complex, you can rest assured it will be handled the same – guided by our philosophy of timeliness, responsiveness and the highest possible attention to the quality of your finished product.

We believe that to create and produce something of quality, you must start with the finest raw materials and the best processes to manufacture that product. Steel tubing is no exception. We use only the finest prime, CRCQ, HR, HRPO and galvanized steel products to conform to ASTM A500 B/C, ASTM A1085, ASTM A513 and ASTM A252 specifications. We use our own slitting lines to inspect the steel prior to forming, welding and finishing, ensuring maximum integrity, flexibility and control. Finally, we employ state-of-the-art frequency welders to create the strongest, most precise welds imaginable for superior tube strength.

Once the manufacturing process is complete, our Quality Control department performs a broad range of analytical tests to ensure each tube we produce meets the highest standards possible and results in the finest products for you. We can cut to length, dimple-free off all of our tube mills. We feature a complete, extensive cut and deburr division that delivers high quality, burr-free precision cut tubing products.

We’ve been known to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week when necessary to honor our delivery commitments. We also maintain one of the largest finished inventories in the industry, which means many orders can be delivered on the same day by our owned fleet of trucks. Flexible manufacturing facilities, high quality raw materials and large finished inventories make our 100% American owned and operated family business the tubing manufacturer our customers know they can rely on.