From the skyscrapers that dominate a city skyline to the functional single-story warehouses that support our economy, hollow structural sections (HSS) have become a preferred material for non-residential construction professionals throughout the design and build process. Architects adore the visions they are able to create using architecturally exposed structural sections (AESS). Engineers have learned the value they can provide via the high strength-to-weight ratio of HSS with proper member and connection design. And fabricators and construction professionals have realized the benefits they can provide building owners when using HSS.

Availability and reliability are two must-haves when sourcing HSS or structural pipe for your next project. We take those concerns to heart when housing our stock inventory and building flexibility into our rolling schedules. Because a broad range of shapes, sizes and thicknesses (which we can also boast, by the way) only benefits you when you can get product to the fabricator or job site where or when you want it. We’ve built our reputation on it: A dedication to responsiveness and customer service.